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Thread: Mountain Bear Meat

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    I find powdered day old Merita donuts add a nice sweet finish.

    I've run into numerous people that refuse to eat deer because they had a bad run in with it at a church potluck or uncle bubbas Christmas dinner. It's probably the same thing with Bear. Someone didn't process it right and if it was processed right they didn't cook it right.

    If anyone shoots a bear at Conman's make sure you get the butcher he uses to make you some sausage. That stuff was amazing.

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    I shot a 300lb sow in rockingham co last year and it was better than deer meat ever thought about being!.. smoke it for 6 hrs and dont share it.. nobody will like it lolol

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    Every bear I've ever seen skinned on the table looked EXACTLY like the skinned carcass of whichever dude is dumb enough to date my little sister!

    I'll drive up there and get all you got if you don't want any
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    Never had a bad tasting bear from here, unless it wasn't handled right. Bear shot dead while still hunting is better eating than one that's been running from and fighting a pack of dogs half the day, but those are still good, too. People who don't like bear meat either have never had it, or don't know how to cook.

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