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Thread: Hogs...How long until they're considered a nuisance in NC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nccatfisher View Post
    We have the same thing here with the hogs. Two years ago they were right here at my house. The farmer that tends my fields killed one in my closest field to my house. I had a young dogs get on them a couple times to I changed his mind.

    I told some boys that dog them and they got on them hot and heavy. They killed a few but the pressure put them up the river about 5 miles and the fools up there loved them and protected them. Well now they hate them and between them pressuring them and reproduction I suspect they will be back.

    pressure will surely move them along,,,,they are way spookier than a deer,,,,
    ,,,,sent using Jedi Mind Tricks,,,,,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmoose View Post
    pressure will surely move them along,,,,they are way spookier than a deer,,,,
    And smarter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JONOV View Post
    When, if ever, do you think that we'll come to view hogs as a pest?
    Since there is no season and no limit, it shows the state has thought that for awhile.
    And as for outfitters only, hogs are on plenty of public land all across the state.
    Sadly, no one wants to put in the leg work to find them in todays "instant gratification" society.

    I mean just look at some questions on some sites.......if the guy would have just googled his question, he'd of had an answer a lot sooner........I'm not saying that applies to THIS thread though.
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    When I first moved to FL I could not wait until I could fine a place with hogs on it. After killing a dozen one year and cleaning those nasty buggers I pay good $ to hunt land without them.

    They are showing up more regular on my place in Anson county now. FIL keeps a good look out for them and when sign shows up the dog boys are called and do a great job getting rid of them. I know it is only a matter of time before they become a full time problem.

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