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I don't see anything wrong with the survey, your either willing to compromise or your not. If your not, then nothing is going to change, so they gave you middle of the road answers and not extremes one way or the other, they gave us answers that were changes that actually have a chance of being implemented.
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I agree with that. It would be ridiculous to have one specific answer to questions. Everyone has their opinion of what THEY want. The survey was intended for just that, compromise.
The issue I had wasn't that they gave multiple answers, it was that it dealt with multiple questions at one time. I.E. season length, antler less limit, season start date, etc. all in one question.

One of the founding principles of scientific theory is to isolate a variable and deal with only one at a time. When you are tuning your bow you don't make 5 changes at once, you make them one at a time, testing in between to ensure you get the result you are looking for.