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Thread: M3500 vs. 935

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jlewis74 View Post
    The old 1100's are by far the best at shooting what ever you put in them. Problem is most look to good to put in a swamp or duck blind.
    The old 1100's and Wingmasters are hands down my favorite shotguns.

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    This is my take on the M3500. I replaced an 1187 supersport supermag with the M3500. The 1187 shot great and handled the loads fairly well including target loads, 3.5" turkey loads and Remington Hyper-sonic 3.5" 1700fps shots. I didn't however like the fact that Remington would not cover the cost of the replacement bolt in the gun and it was not even a year old. Cost me about $250.00 to get the gun fixed. Had to replace all of the parts included the bolt. Later on I found out that Remington DOES NOT PERFORM ANY QUALITY CONTROL WITH ANY OF THEIR FIRE ARMS! I purchased the M3500 for the next season and love the gun! Even with the 1700fps shots it shoots great and handles great. Can't wait to use it this year on a turkey. Can say it performs pretty nice at the turkey shoots for sure. Like any gun, find the gun that fits you and handles nice for you.

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