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Thread: What has happened to country music

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach's Grandpa View Post
    One of my wife's closest friends was executive secretary to the president of Sony Music for like forty years. She was there before Sony bought it and knew the industry better than anyone I've ever spoken with. When Taylor Swift came on the scene she told us that the beginning of the end of country music was upon us. She liked Taylor Swift [got her autographed photo with a personal message for Zach] as a person and always noted how smart she was but knew that her and others were going to change the sound. Why you might ask? Money, money, and more money.
    I'd say your friend was lucky to survive 40 years in the industry if she thought Taylor Swift was the "beginning of the end". She was definitely the nail in the coffin, but it started well before her.

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    Real country music is alive and well AND not in Trashville, Tn. They don't play it on FM radio much anymore. Not much more than pop and 'bro country to be found there. The only bro that belongs in country is a dobro.

    Pretty good newer country music. Three Tall Pines - Stone Walls, I am sure most of us can relate to this song.
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