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    So this has sparked intense family discussions, we have a row of fruit and nut trees in our food plots. The largest are about 4" in diameter. Currently I'm plowing no closer than 6' from the trees, have been since planted 4yrs ago. As I go through the Sandhills I see peach orchards where they plow to about 3' from the trees. This leads me to think 6' is more than enough. 6' is outside the crown of all the trees. What kind of buffer does anyone else go with with similar set up.

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    Can't always go by the crown. A lot of peaches arenin sandy country where the roots may run a little deeper than normal.

    I wouldn't go closer.

    Although a little different setting and younger trees are more vigorous than older, as a general rule, one of the most common problem I see as a professional arborist, is root zone disturbance or compaction, be it equipment across the top of the soil, or disturbing soil in the root zone. Again, can't always go by the crown either.

    Way too many factors at play to say for sure, but I wouldn't get closer than you are now, -and would likely go further out as they get larger.
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    I second Justin and his advice. If you want to plant closer to the trees spray roundup. Broadcast some clover seed and then mow or weed eat down the dead grass and weeds on top over your clover seed.

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    I'm thinking 6 feet on each side is good for now, most trees are less than 2 inch diameter and a few at 4 inches. It's very sandy soil, Duplin Co. When we plowed last fall during planting I looked to see any cut roots, never saw any. Thanks for the replies, kinda what I was thinking. Know as trees grow we'll get farther away for roots and limbs but for now 6 seems plenty.

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    You can plow up to the drip line of the tree canopy.
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