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Thread: OTC Mule deer hunt

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    Default OTC Mule deer hunt

    Anyone ever do a over the counter mule deer hunt? I did a Colorado Elk hunt 2 years ago and was successful. I think this year I am going to try for a mule deer. Just looking to see if anyone else had ever done it!

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    About 30 years ago not far from Gunnison.
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    I've done OTC for archery in Arizona. It was fun hunting, and awesome country. I saw plenty of deer, but it was tough to find a shooter to even try to stalk. Maybe I was to picky? I went 3 years, and only stalked one buck. Got 60 yards from him and decided he wasn't what I wanted. Looking back, I should have kept creeping and tried to shoot him. The best buck I saw in 3 trips.

    I'm almost certain Woodmoose went with the same guy. I can't remember if he got one or not?
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    Several times in CO, once in WY...the CO hunts were all archery and on BLM in several spots in the state. The WY hunt was rifle and was a drop hunt that the weather messed up badly.
    CO isn't the same state for mulies as it was just a few short years ago, and the tags aren't nearly as easily obtained.

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    I don't think CO has had OTC mule deer tags for 15 years. It's all by drawing and a preference point system.
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