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Thread: Thoughts on tomorrow

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    Busted 1.5" ice in the cutover today...saw 2 ducks and 10 shots and back at work by 9am
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    Plan B consisted of busting ice all morning.. knocked down a drake woodie at shooting time. Walked around the pond to pick him up, duck jumped, gun froze = no duck. been the story of my life past few hunts! Did manage to find some open water with a lot of woodies sitting on it, but it was across my property line. I'll be back at them Saturday when thing defrost and temps are back in the 60s.

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    Two buddies and I finished with 8 gadwall combined. Had to bust a hole in the farm pond we were hunting. Two groups of about 15 each decoyed and that was it. Over in the first 15 minutes. Had two groups of geese come in later but we were retrieving the ducks with fishing rods at this point. Might be time to invest in a dog ha.

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    Had to bust ice to get out of the boat house this morning. The back half of the open water was locked up so I had to back track and hunt a spot closer to where I started. Birds starting gett'n it at first light, big time. Missed a few early on but ended up with a drake spoon, hen teal, and some hairy heads. Not a bad morning. Had 3 jackasses directly set up behind me, probably 200 yards away, but they couldn't handle the cold. They left pretty early.
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