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Thread: Good Time For Scouting This Weekend

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    I have got to take my camera down any way. I was thinking I will take the .410, .22 Henry and the boy and see if we can get any squirrels and scout a bit. We lived in Illinois a few years ago and are used to hunting In cold and snow. Sure do miss those big fat fox squirrels. I never found a place to deer hunt in Illinois but got a small buck in Wisconsin while I was out there.
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    Going to be out trying to figure out what changed the deer pattern on one tract I hunt. Deer are still there but their pattern definitely changed this year after hunting there 7 years. I think the neighbors fencing some thinned pine into pasture and a new 30 acre clear cut close by had an affect. Deer still there mostly night time movement though. The deer used trails usually used in the mornings in the evening (right at dark or after) and very little morning movement and this was my morning hot spot since I started hunting this place.

    Oh! I will have a gun with me for the legal critters too, just in case. Especially for the yotes!
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