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Thread: Float hunt a near total bust.

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    Default Float hunt a near total bust.

    My cousin and I floated our favorite river for 4 hours yesterday and came home empty handed. We flushed 60-70 woodies and three hooded mergansers but there was just too much water, sloughs full and backed out into the flat swamp and it was just impossible to get to them and they'd flush out of range. We did flush three out in the river channel and I knocked down a hen, moved off her to acquire another victim and she dived under, popped up further downstream and then took off flying as if I hadn't touched her. By then she was 80 yards away and going straight away so my parting shot was ineffective. Despite the 8 hour round trip and gas cost it was still a great day in the swamp. We rebaited about 60 cat hooks and managed one 5 lb blue cat so it wasn't a total bust. Maintaining lifelong traditions, fellowship with a favorite cousin, and a day spent in the swamp clutching my Dad's old Rem 11-48 can't possibly have a dollar figure attached. There will be more days like this.
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