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Thread: What do I need to spray?

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    Default What do I need to spray?

    Will 41% glyphosate kill tall thick weeds like dog fennel? I have a large area of planted pines that has been thinned and is now overgrown with tall grass and weeds. Some of these weeds are 5ft in height and have very thick stems. I want to clear a few areas out for lanes, food plots and paths using my atv sprayer but not sure if the glyphosate will kill everything. I'd rather not pay for that much chemical to find out it doesn't work so if there is a better chemical out there for this type work let me know.

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    Yes, it is non-selective, kills pretty much everything, and is as cheap as anything.

    It will kill trees too at the right concentration.

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    Yes, it will work. I usually spray a gallon to the acre. I'm assuming they're large enough pines to have been commercially thinned, but if they're smaller trees where the herbicide could contact the needles,then you can either be careful not to get it on the foliage or wait until the terminal bud hardens for the year. That usually happens in late August or September and you can safely spray over top of young pines.
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