"You never own a dog quite as much as they own you"


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These words never rang as true as they did this afternoon. My old yaller curdog Jake passed on in my wife's arms and man it stings. He had an outstanding day yesterday. I gave him a bath and he felt great. He spent the remainder of the day screwing with Robbin and just full of shit in general. He had a list of ailments a mile long including cancer and an enlarged heart. That was so advanced that the swelling around it would cause him to choke when he drank water and cough a like one with heartworms for a few seconds when he would drink water. Meds helped but it had become so advanced in recent months that I had to resort to very strong steroids to keep the swelling down so as not to cough all the time. Robbin asked me a couple of times "wonder what has gotten into him?" I was thinking the whole time it may be his last big hurrah but didn't say it. During the night he became restless and I was up with him several times. Today he was really restless and I could tell he was struggling to breeth. About 2:00 she came to the shop with tears in her eyes and said he had collapsed and was struggling to breath. I hurried to him and he was on the floor and I knew he was leaving. I called my vet but they were closed. I knew the only thing that may save him and that was temporary was oxygen and took off to a friend that had a setup about 10 miles. We didn't make it but about 5 and he lifted his head out of her lap looked around at us took two gasps and just stretched out. He was gone.

Robbin will be the first to tell you she isn't a dog person, but she damn sure was a Jake person. I had 14.5 years with him and it just wasn't enough. Yes I am selfish. It is damn bad around here right now. RIP RiverRoad Jake. 49342421_2275435972726524_5584388599350034432_n.jpg 49512259_2275436006059854_2930518695014825984_n.jpg
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To show the drive that dog had here is a pic of him 13.5 years ago. A woman knocked him 30' and I knew he was dead when I walked up to him. That hip was broken in 2 places and the opposite leg was also broken. I was still working at that time and gone quite allot and that was the beginning of the bonding between he and my wife. The pic of him on the tree was taken that fall, he made a full recovery in 9 mos and never slowed him down. feelinbad.JPG

He wouldn't give my wife air in a jug at the start and 9 weeks later at the end of his being immobilized he was just as much her dog as mine. He thought it was his job to look after her if he was around her and to he died never relinquished those duties.


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Jake looks a lot like our Lab, his hips went out and had be put down years ago. The only that I have cried harder is when my Mother passed. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. They are not just pets, they are family members.


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Man I hate to hear this, I've been in your shoes and it's rough. My mutts are getting up in age and I dread the day I just have memories of past hunts. But it sounds like he had a good life, and enjoyed what a cur was intended to do... sorry for y'alls loss.