You know you’re way to busy when....


Old Mossy Horns
You get on NCHF to discover it’s already deer season and as an avid hunter, you didn’t even know. WOW!


Ten Pointer
Wow! I'll admit I thought the season was going to open a week later (Sept 14) But once the regs. came out I stood corrected and was ready for the opener on the 7th!


Twelve Pointer
BD, I’m with you, I just realized it was even September and my Son’s BDay is tomorrow. I’m in Alabama through Thursday. I realized it was September when I Checked in here from my hotel and saw the first post was a Archery kill.

Good luck all, be safe and enjoy. Wishing you all have your most memorable season ever. I’ll live vicariously again this year.

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
well let's face it;
no hurries given the population.
hot as hell.
fish biting.
but man there have been some bigguns killed. :)
got me hoping and going despite all the other stuff that needs doin.
the best chance i probably ever had to kill a good one on theopening was missed because like boondock i "forgot"