You can buy ONE car, what are you buying?


Twelve Pointer
Beth's car on Yellowstone. That's a nice car.

Do some of y'all think trucks are cars? WTH? As a gonad owner of course I'd rather have a truck, but that wasn't the question .😜



Six Pointer
Rally fighter diesel or Hilux invincible diesel. Honestly can't decide.
Rally fighter:
Hilux invincible:


dc bigdaddy

Old Mossy Horns
That's a difficult question to answer, never owned or wanted a car. I would take a late 70's or 80's, F-150 4x4, 4 speed w/granny and a 300 straight six though. Oh, sure I'll take one with a 460, if I get gas money too. LOL. Had a chance to buy one of those knew I could not afford to drive it even when fuel was a lot cheaper. 😮. 1978 F-150 351M, 4x4, red, chromed out, Hurricane wheels with 33's, Dream Truck. Something like this, prefer red though. View attachment 103971
I had a 79. Daddy bought it new. I bought it when I turned 16. Gave it back to him and he eventually gave me some $ for it. The week before he passed in 2011, mama told me to take that truck home. I told her that I didn't need it, give it to 1st cousin's son. They got it back on the road and eventually sold it. I'm not really kicking my ass, I some what wish I had kept it. That straight 6 was an awesome motor.
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Mine or fiancés grandpas 7.3 6 speed


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Ten Pointer
I would buy back my 1988 Chevy Silverado 4x4 back (or one like it) that was in showroom condition when I bought it and sold it. Don't know what I was thinking when I sold it!!
when did you have that?
Bought it in 2000...Sold it a few years later.

I had the Nissan pickup in high school.


Old Mossy Horns
Beth's car on Yellowstone. That's a nice car.

Do some of y'all think trucks are cars? WTH? As a gonad owner of course I'd rather have a truck, but that wasn't the question .😜
By today's standards, I thought it was PC.😉😂


Ten Pointer
Wouldn't mind having the 1970 z28 I had as a teenager back now that I could put some money in it. But practically if I just had my 2005 GMC Sierra in brand new condition knowing it's going to 180k miles like it has it might be the last truck I would ever need to buy


Ten Pointer
I am not a car guy...a truck or SUV for me. I wish I had my brand new blue 1978 International Harvester Scout ll back. Pro: It was a hoss & would go anywhere! I loved to hear that engine rumble. Con: panel rust. I traded it in for a new white long bed 4×4 1986 Ford F250 when trucks were really trucks. Con: persnickety Windsor carburator. I'm loving my current 2018 long bed Tacoma w/ absolutely no repairs whatsoever. Cons: I am kind of squeezed in like a sardine in the driver's seat.


Twelve Pointer
If spending my money, since I have 4 kids and a boat - crew cab F150, which I own.

If it has to be a car (does the new unibody Explorer count as a car?) and I’m spending my money, it would be the the biggest Subaru wagon they make (unless it’s one of those quasi SUV looking things, Volvo V90 wagon, or Mercedes E class all terrain.

If I’m spending someone else’s money, it would have to be the 603hp Mercedes AMG E63 S Wagon.



Twelve Pointer
If I have to drive it daily my 5.7 tundra.

As a toy, 1970 Mustang 429 Boss

If I could sale it and keep the $$$$$$$$$
A Bugatti


Ten Pointer
Gas was relatively cheap then. Loved the way that engine rumbled.
I used to tell my kids that if everyone had a Scout, nobody would text and drive because it took both hands on the wheel to keep it on the road. Mine had a lot of play. But you are right, that engine sounded great.


Ten Pointer
69 Z28 with the DZ 302…..had a chance to buy one for $9000 years ago I’ve regretted that ever since…other would be my grandpas 1964 Pontiac Lemans 2 door coupe, bucket seats 3 speed on the column with 326.