Yesteryear's Gear


Ten Pointer
Still have and wear my reversible puffy down jacket bought in Colorado back about 1970, camo on one side and orange on the other side. In the 50's I stood in the flooded swamp bottoms in my rubber knee boots hoping to intercept a squirrel leaving a den tree to feed wearing bluejeans, plaid flannel shirt and whatever jacket I had at the time, cap with pull down ear flaps and so cold I was shaking like a dog passing peach pits but in Heaven all the while.
I still have Vietnam era military camo which hasn't fit me in many years but the tendrils of memory won't allow me to throw them away, just too many memories associated with them to allow that.


Old Mossy Horns
Guess who is following in y'all's footsteps with yesteryear's gear? Pants and jacket from an Army surplus store here. Looking around for more. Because the modern stuff is just too expensive for me unless there's a huge sale going on! And "old school" is cooler anyway. :)

I'd have to upgrade the footwear myself. Just not as tough as used to be and can't keep up with your younger folks.


Eight Pointer
Looking back, hunting seemed as successful then as it is now. Kinda makes one wonder if with all of the gadgets and git-ups of today is it money well spent.


Six Pointer
Looking back, hunting seemed as successful then as it is now. Kinda makes one wonder if with all of the gadgets and git-ups of today is it money well spent.
I was reading a couple articles in a hunting magazine (Traditional Bowhunter) recently and they both advocated getting back to basics. One guy described going on a hunt with a friend where they didn't use any of the modern gadgets many people use in hunting today and it sounded like they had a fun hunt. On the other hand, some of the gadgets can be dead useful. I guess it just depends on how you want to hunt.

Tony Hawkins

Eight Pointer
I never had a Baker climber myself. My family and most of our club had Warren & Sweat stands (my brother and I had the rifleman version that only faced the tree, and my dad had the deluxe one that you could face away from the tree if you wanted to. I think they went out of business.
Another are Lynch turkey calls. I have a World Champion box call from the early 80s that was my first call. I never see them in stores these days.


Twelve Pointer
Most hunters had one or two shotgun no screw in chokes. One high power rifle and a 22.

We ran dogs. My dad an all uncles shot Remington 1100 magnum with 30” barrel. All dogs boxes built out of wood.

If a deer was killed we used every piece of meat. It was divided in portion for every member to get a little.

You was just as proud of a spike as a ten pointer. Probably what I miss the most.

out of jersey

Button Buck
I have my Grandfather’s 1950’s red plaid Woolrich complete suit. Pants and coat. In remarkably good shape. He wore it up until he stopped hunting in the late 80’s. It will never fit me but just can’t part with it. Also have his 1940’s small game coat.

Anyone remember the wooden platform TSS climbing stands? Had one of those back in 1985. Didn’t have a climbing piece. You had a web belt with hand loops that doubled as your “unsafety” belt. Missed my first buck at 12 from that death trap!
no camo just red plaid woolrich jacket and pants . They never wore out and keep you warm in the rain nothing better.


Four Pointer
Here’s my dad back in the day. Shooting a bear whitetail and still has the same bow. Doesn’t bow hunt anymore though.

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Old Mossy Horns
Sitting on a limb, standing in the fork of a tree, Treebark camo, tree lounges, and a bear whitetail II.

And dad putting tree steps in 6 feet apart. I can't decide if he was tight or lazy...they probably weren't quite that far apart, but it felt like it because I looked like the Michelin man. Had every piece of clothing I owned on, because I couldn't have good clothes til I quit growing.

And that was especially true for boots. I think a pair of Rocky Cornstalkers was one of the first things I bought myself when I got a job. Tired of those icicle toes!


Twelve Pointer
A couple of you guys had me laughing. Almost choked on my cold Libby’s corned beef sandwich. I had one of the bow deer fishing string things when I was a kid. Don’t think I ever actually tried to use it.

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