WTS 270 WBY brass and 270 caliber bullets lots


***129 pieces of 270 WBY Mag brass, all are Weatherby brand factory brass ….5 pieces never primed, 60 pieces 1X fired, 64 pieces possibly 2X-3X fired. $85 shipped.

***.277 caliber bullets .....$SOLD. All Noslers are firsts and contain no seconds. Lot consists of:

Nosler Combined Technology: (74) total 130 grain Ballistic Silvertips and (65) total 150 grain Partition Golds.

Nosler Ballistic Tips: (29) total 150 grain BT's

Nosler Partitions: (47) total 130 grain Partitions

Swift Bullets: (38) total 130 grain A-Frames
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