WTB/ISO Enclosed Tower Stand

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Throwing this out there to see what is available before I build my own:

Looking for a 12-16 ft. enclosed tower stand. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just to keep me relatively dry and fairly hidden. I personally like the long narrow shooting windows but am willing to consider others. Roughly 4-6 ft. wide and 6 ft. tall boxed area. Prefer metal/composite over wood (me being picky).

I am also willing to have someone custom build one, so if anyone knows of someone within an hours drive or so of Durham let me know.

Also if anyone has any experience with the commercial brands, you feed back will be appreciated.

Anyone needing a box stand please shoot me a pm. My Dad builds them and they are very well built. He can build whatever you want. He uses coragated brown/dark green for the exterior so it’s maintanace free and much lighter than wood. He can build whatever size you’d like.
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