Worst Spent Money


I've paid for plenty of valuable lessons. Hope to never pay for them again.
I call this "tuition at the School of Hard Knocks!"

Smartphones. Have shattered the last 4 I've owned. Last one was a Samsung, paid $700-plus over time, cracked screen from being in my front pocket within 1st three months. Used it for another 2 years, but it was cracked all over, front & back, regardless of the case it was in; finally dropped one too many times.


Twelve Pointer
Every single time I concede to my wife something that she doesn’t know anything about.

I was prepared to compromise a lot going into marriage. I never thought I’d be forced to go along with really bad ideas. And no way to say “I don’t care what you think and I’m not explaining this to you because you don’t have any idea what your talking about.”

richard corn

Six Pointer
bought a new 4 runner 2 years ago ....last year wife went to get in it and a large diamond pattern snake was wrapped around her steering wheel ...it went into her dash not to be seen again...paid 300 to get a snake wrangler to try to find it no luck...put glue traps all over inside vehicle 2 weeks later still no snake ...could still smell his musty oder so he was still in there so we traded it in on a new 4 runner....we owned it 11 months and had paid over 8000 dollars on it but we have a shiny new one now....pitty the sucker that bought the snake ride 1 year old 13000 miles what a deal

Not very nice placing your risk on someone else unknowingly. Would the deal be as sweet if someone there were hurt from bite?