Woodcock and oyster mushrooms!


Twelve Pointer
Can you share some tips on safely identifying the oyster mushrooms?
Have someone else identify.. get a book etc.

I’m new at this BUT that’s what I do for added security.

The oysters are pretty straight forward ... google plenty of info


Six Pointer
@jgav oysters are pretty straightforward and you can find them year round. Fall hardwood trees like oak and hickory are your best bets. They really like moisture so find a creek bottom or Marsh. The gills will run all the way up the stem to the edge of the cap. You'll never find just one they fruit in bunches. If you do find a single oyster it's probably a deer mushroom and they don't taste great. They look alike but blah bad taste . Also oysters range from white in color to dark brown to gray. Use Google and better yet walk the woods with someone who knows. I'd go with but I'm in Florida.