Wood ducks


Four Pointer
I have a couple places with plenty of wood ducks but the problem I have is getting them close enough for a passing shot. I usually see 10x as many as I get a shot at; anyone have any tips on coaxing them in a little closer? They circle the spread up high but rarely buzz in. Any tips appreciated.

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Twelve Pointer
Change your set up so you are in a better position if you can. Those little rockets have a mind of their own and don't like to cooperate with decoys in my experience. They are gonna break through and if they like what they see - they will drop in for a couple of minutes. Then on to the next spot.


Eight Pointer
A jerk string can be your friend for movement, but like was said above being where they want to be or close to it is the most successful way to kill them.


Eight Pointer
Try only using 2 decoys. Woodies gonna woodie. Best way to kill them is to be where they want to be.
This right here. Woodies usually ignore my decoys, if I’m set up where they wanna go they’ll come in, but I don’t think the dekes play much part in that other than maybe to keep their eyes off me and the dog. The only time I’ve had an exception was when I had one drake and one hen set out, 2 drakes came buzzing in right on top of the water towards those dekes; and that’s a spot that usually only provides passing shots.