Will he make it?


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I'd be surprised of he made it.

About 10 years ago we had a button that had been hit by a car. Compound fractures of both back legs. My dad saw him from a distance and knew something was wrong but nit was so thick he couldn't tell. About 6 days later I managed across him and put him out of his misery. Didn't punch a tag and his infection was horrible.


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Well he showed back up tonight and was actually eating corn instead of just standing around.
They are tough animals. The neighbor and me were hunting the same buck a couple years ago. My mom hit the buck one morning taking my niece to school right past my house. Hit it dead center of a new Tundra the deer rolled down the road, got up and ran off. About 3 weeks later the neighbors son shot the buck and its leg was broke and one side was green under the skin. It never showed any signs of damage on game cams or the morning it was shot.


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The main value of Wanton Waste laws is to keep slobs from giving hunters a bad name.


and my rules aren't bounded by what's legal or not legal (and to those who pounce, I try to always do legal),,, so even though NC has no wanton waste law, I operate with one,,

as far as not really edible stuff (like a coyote),,, puuhleease!

ref dog food,,, I don't care WHAT folks do with their game,,, just USE it if at all possible,,,for something,,, heck game meat is a great option for many/most dogs,,,


Old Mossy Horns
I've seen them survive some wounds that were pretty bad. In fact, 3 adjacent landowners decided to give a certain few bucks a pass this year to see what they would become for next year. I actually saw the biggest one and watched him for several minutes and was able to confirm everything we thought about the buck from trail cam pictures. Turns out this buck was shot sometime in the first week or so of Dec in the leg. His wound is pretty bad, and his body is in much worse shape, but his wound isn't as bad as the button head in this picture. We opted to let him live and see what would happen.

They are tough animals. It's probably 50/50 for both IMO.