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Wild hog tacos al pastor


Twelve Pointer
Did this using the chunks and end pieces of the loins and hams of a big hog I shot a couple seasons ago.

Got my heavy lidded pot hot and added butter, oil, and minced onion, poblano, and garlic together.

browned the meat on all sides.
added chopped onion and pineapple, some quartered tomatoes, and a cup of water.
Put the lid on and into the oven on 300* for about 3hrs.

Once it’s done cooking, pull it out and add fresh chopped pineapple, a can of rotel tomatoes, and some pastor seasoning.
And there you go.

add all the fixings you want for tacos.
once it’s done I like to broil a lil bit with cheese and make it crispy before serving.


Staff member
thanks,,,learned something new,,,,pastor seasoning,,,,,,nice - gonna try that


Six Pointer
thanks,,,learned something new,,,,pastor seasoning,,,,,,nice - gonna try that
Amen :sneaky:
@appmtnhntr Just a variation that might be a little quicker... I have eaten the sliced, chopped and ground versions but my fav is rough (very course) ground pork served tacos style on corn tortillas. I mix up my leftover end cuts (from heritage forest raised hogs not wild) and grind with fresh pineapple, cilantro, onion, and my pastor seasoning then vacuum seal in bags and freeze. When I take it out of the freezer I got tacos in 20 mins. I guess it would work OK for Wild pig too.
THis post made my mouth water after seeing that wonderful Pic above!


Ten Pointer
Nothing beats slow-cooked in my book! Thank you for the recipe! Do you think it would work with other meats, or is it specifically geared for wild hog, @appmtnhntr?


Old Mossy Horns
That all looks good.

And here all this time I thought Al Pastor was the name of the guy at the taco truck we go to for lunch? 🤷‍♂️