Who will be participating in the NCWRC Summer Turkey Observation Survey?


Four Pointer
My work carries me to 10 counties around Raleigh, so I probably won't see a lot of turkeys. at work But I cover a lot of back roads & countryside, especially on my time off. Force of habit makes me look for wildlife as I'm driving. Always keep a good set of binoculars in the truck just in case too. It can't hurt anything by contributing my turkey sightings between July 1 and August 31. What I see may even help give a better idea of population around here.

How about you?



Old Mossy Horns
I don't spend too much time on the road so most of what I usually will report is what I see on y own place. From what I have seen so far this spring I'll be reporting 1 tom and 2 hens.
My dog flushes the occasional gobbler while scouting for coyotes. She sent one flying within 3 feet of my head a couple of weeks ago. Made me jump!

I'm thinking of participating for the first time this year.


Tried to put in the sighitings i saw in June but it dosent accept them. I know it says starting July. Just looks like they would take poult sightings from whenever if their intent is to monitor the hatch. Only reason i could think is if spotted after July they figure they are big enough to make it. On another note i wish they would quit sending me trapping surveys and bear hunting surveys.


Ten Pointer
interesting way to figure out birds, here in Ontario we have to fill out a survey from all our hunting seasons, so bear, deer, moose and turkeys. How many did we see, did we harvest, how many days hunted and what wild life management unit.


Staff member
got the home flocks annotated,,,,,zero poults so far,,,,

so folks may as well give up on Scotland County and the gamelands,,,,,:devilish:

Aaron H

Twelve Pointer
I participate in this but last year reported zero. This year might be pretty close to that too.