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I'm not a big jerky eater but my daughter loves it. So I purchased a dehydrator and jerky gun around Thanksgiving. We made our first batch last weekend. So I come home this Saturday and there are 2 packs of my good ground venison on the counter. My wife and daughter are making jerky again. My wife loves jerky but the store bought stuff is too greasy. Looks like we need some more venison in the freezer. I am a very blessed man.


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if they like the ground stuff, you need to make them whole muscle jerkey. I also stopped using a dehydrator.. found it comes out better in the oven at 200 vented. My 18yo daughter will fight you over that stuff. And she is the animal lover of the family...
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We eat a lot of deer meat. Hard for me to use my best cuts for jerky. Maybe if we kill another one this year but that may have to wait until next year. For now everyone is happy.

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I wound up making 15 lbs of ground venison jerky before Christmas. Started out with 30 lbs of ground venison, 15 lbs in each of the two batches I made. It's my kids and brothers favorite treats and I might have a pound left. LOL. When any of them show up at my house the first place they go is to the fridge for deer jerky. One son flew down to Cancun for Christmas with my daughter, her husband and their little two year old daughter that live in Mexico City. He was supposed to take some for jerky for "snacking" on the trip in case they tried to take it at the border. LOL. He forgot it at his house and my daughter was furious. LOL. Almost sent him back home.


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Once we have all the ground in the freezer that we need until next year, I try to have one whole deer just for whole muscle jerkey (save the back strap and tenderloins of course).. Great way to stay in the turkey woods longer in the spring..
I have got to where anymore on the deer that my family kills that I just keep the backstraps out of them and grind and make jerkey out of the rest of it. It always gets eaten quick when jerkey is made.
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I don't think I will ever use back straps for jerky..........but I have been wrong before.

At the rate they are making and eating it, I definitely should have shot one more this year.