Who is ready for the Central Muzzleloader Opener on Saturday?


Twelve Pointer
Shot the ole Remington frontstuffer yesterday just to check things out and she’s ready to go. Got deer destroying the acorns in a secluded little hardwood patch. Saturday can’t get here fast enough!

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Eight Pointer
I'll be in there Sunday for the first time on this piece. Had the cam out for a few months and havent checked it yet. Hoping something good is on cam. Good luck


Ten Pointer
Plan is to go Sunday after back from VA bowhunt.

Honestly don’t expect much in my Little NC spot.. it’s just been way off this year

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
selfishly I wish it was only one week. rather have another week of silence. the "enemy" shows up when the powder starts burning. I have to change to avoid them. I don't like change. :)

as far as equipment the ancient MK-85 will be loaded with powder from a different can for the first time. New bullets too.
I hope it adjusts to change better than me.

Good Luck to all who are going.


Ten Pointer
I'm ready. Went to shoot Sunday. All checked out good. Clothes all washed and clean. weather looks like crap but I'm going.


Old Mossy Horns
Yes. My sons will be with me. I’ll have my bow.

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sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
Looks like interesting weather. Cold rain on Friday tapering off Saturday morning here. Could be bad or could be good if it is below avg. temps and then the rain moves out on the opener. Be in the stand and ready. Got some stands ready yesterday, but not all.


Four Pointer
Trekking up from SC to get in on the action. Will be out at my best spot in Uwharrie. Hoping to fill the freezer on this one but I’ll take some new wall decor if the opportunity presents itself.


Four Pointer
Finally got the muzzleloader sighted in this morning. Looking forward to Saturday and hopefully shedding some of this bowhunting frustration I've had.
Bow had some troubles and has been in the shop for about 3 weeks. I've been itching to get out there and tomorrow feels like Christmas morning