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I am a big fan of BH209 but in the past I have tried triple 777 in my inline but the crud ring can be a pain on the second shot seating the bullet.
My Thompson center Thunderhawk I ran Goex 3F .
I wonder anyone use Goex Real Black Powder in there inlines


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Bear in mind I don't shoot modern muzzleloaders, only traditional sidelocks.

I've shot substitutes Pyrodex and Triple7 and real black, Goex, through some rifles. I wiped the barrels after each shots. Real black powder was much cleaner, contrary to what Ive always heard. Plus, real black powder is not slow igniting like substitutes, which is why I think it burns better, hence cleaner. Plus, nothing like the BOOM, smoke and smell of real black powder. I drive WAY out of my way just to buy Goex. I personally don't care for substitutes. There's plenty of YouTube vids of guys shooting both and showing that the real-deal burns cleaner. I don't see why it wouldn't work better in inlines as well.


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anyone use Goex Real Black Powder in there inlines

I use GOEX black powder in all my muzzleloaders,,,,had what I consider poor performance from my use of non-black powder (pyrodex and such) that I stopped using them,,,,

never have had an issue with GOEX and such,,

Mack in N.C.

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I use pyrodex select in my two TC's.....Don who was in repair and testing at TC told me they found select to be the most accurate . I tried it and found that out as well ....