Where did all the doves go (and why?)?


Four Pointer
Monday 9/30 I killed 11 doves easily should have had my limit except cheap shells kept jamming my 20 gauge pump. Friday 10/4 returned with better shells and a backup gun to same Craven County location, saw almost zero doves. No signs that other hunters "shot out" the field between Monday and Friday. Went to an adjacent County, one of my known-good hotspots. No doves there either.

So here are the questions: weather was unseasonably hot Monday through Friday, but temperature dropping Friday evening plus becoming very windy. Did the doves temporarily migrate North to escape heat Monday through Friday? Or did they move inland/elsewhere to escape the high wind conditions associated with cold front? Do doves reverse-migrate as weather-migrator ducks do, sort of staying South of the snow/ice line? Or are doves calender- migrators?


Button Buck
They must've flew to union county. Now that seasons out they've decided to show up here

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Our resident breeders and hatchlings have migrated. I'm starting to see some flocks of northern migrants but I'm sure they will not stay long until the next season.

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Old Mossy Horns
It's been hit or miss around here the past couple of weeks. They've cut most of the corn now, and a lot of the local birds have been shot or moved on. I got 8 or 10 shots on Saturday.