When it happens it happens.

Zach's Grandpa

Old Mossy Horns
Got in my blind here behind my house at daylight. Probably forty feet up on a hill overlooking a creek with oaks on three sides of me. Nothing until nine o’clock and a doe comes down the hill from my left, walks within ten steps of the blind and makes her way down to the creek. She picks around for five minutes or so and turns to look over her left shoulder from where she came. I knew something was coming. Couple minutes later I saw him coming down the same trail she did. He stopped and fooled around with some low hanging branches not giving me a shot or a look at his rack in detail. I knew it was a good frame on a big bodied deer and that I was gonna shoot him. He turned to my left and started walking up the hill apparently deciding that the doe wasn’t interested. When he walked behind a big beech tree I moved the Knight from front window to side window and shot him offhanded at about fifty yards. He stumbled backwards two or three steps and down.

Kind of an interesting side note is that Harvester Scorpion bullet went through him and cut down a broom handle size sapling on the other side. I love those bullets.


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