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Six Pointer
Post the recipe. Looks good. Where do you buy your skins?
The recipe is from hank Shaw. Hunter angler Gardner cook. Search for it on google. It’s really good. Best I’ve made in the last 5 years. I get the casings from Whole Foods meat dept. cheaper just to buy a few when I need them than order a bunch!!

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Six Pointer
Describe the process from start to finish if you don’t mind...temps,,time etc

7 pounds Boston butt
3 lbs pork fa
10 lbs venison
144 grams kosher salt
20 grams Instacure No. 1, Prague powder
2” grams ground black pepper
12 grams dried marjoram
40 grams sugar
24 garlic cloves, minced
2 cup ice water

Cube all meat and fat. Mix all ingredients except water and stir really well to cover meat evenly. Make sure pink salt is spread evenly.

Put in freezer 1 hour, stirring every 15 mins.

Run through grinder using fine die.

Mix in ice water and stir, stir, stir, stir using hands. Should become really tacky to the hands.

Put back in freezer.

Prepare hog casings, rinse and soak lukewarm water to prevent rupture.

Stuff meat into casings about 18” links. Twist and tie them off.

I let mine sit overnight in a fridge.

Start smoker- just heat no smoke yet at less than 100 degrees.

HAng links over dowel rods and let the warm air raise the internal temp for an hour to avoid any sweating on the links. Moisture will impair smoke adherence to the casing.

After an hour add the smoke. Raise the temp 10 degrees per hour to a max of 170 degrees.

When the sausage reaches an internal temp of 153 degrees remove and put in a cooler. Fill the cooler with ice cold water to stop the cooking and prevent wrinkling.

Then once cool, remove and hang a few hours to bloom if temps are cool enough or put in fridge.

Vacuum seal and enjoy.


As for the time it just varies depending on the weather. I always smoke during a cold front and plan on about 7-8 hours cook time. I’m in no rush and I like heavy smoke.

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Six Pointer
Thanks for the recipe and directions ,looks very good as is but i may add a small handful of crushed red pepper.Thanks again.


Six Pointer
Thanks for the recipe and directions ,looks very good as is but i may add a small handful of crushed red pepper.Thanks again.
I’ve made one similar with crushed red pepper and paprika. Also very good but I didn’t have this as a base recipe. I bet it would be awesome with some heat.

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Ten Pointer
I made some last year , only made 10 pounds that was a mistake it was excellent,got gone way to fast.
made some bratwurst also,halepeno and cheddar cheese they were fantastic, wanting to make at least 15 - 20 pounds of each this year