What's your streak?


Old Mossy Horns
I'm at 15 years but my season could be in jeopardy this season so if I get one it will be late season.
Honestly no idea, I have had a few years where I never ran in to a mature buck and dont kill many does as my family dont enjoy the meat so I save my butcher money for wall hangers. When I was a kid (8-14) hunting on 5k acres with 5 guys I shot does upon does every weekend and thought it was completely normal to kill 25-40 does per year lol all the old men just wanted the doe patrol done by the kids. We had a walk in freezer and all the equipment to butcher our own and 10acre food plots so I was completely shocked when I realized none of that was normal lol. For the past 10 years or so I would say 75% of the time I kill one, killed 2 nice bucks last year but nothing yet so far.


Four Pointer
Started hunting in 2014 and didn't kill anything until last year. Killed one this year so my streak is up to 2.

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Old Mossy Horns
1986 I believe. Only 2 years I haven't shot a deer were 1993 and 1994 due to being deployed. And since 1995, I've shot at least 2 deer a season.


Twelve Pointer
1972 when I was 12, up to 2003, when I started trapping and stopped deer hunting mornings......have only killed 6-8 since '03.
From '83 on many were with a revolver...over 40.


Six Pointer
1985 to present.
1985-1989 we're all does
1990-2002 any buck and large does
2003 to present, nicer bucks and occasionally a doe


Old Mossy Horns
I'm at 15 years but my season could be in jeopardy this season so if I get one it will be late season.
Well I didn't get it done so my streak ends this year. I had an illness early season that kept me out of the woods until just a couple weeks ago and then my work schedule just didnt allow a lot of time in the woods. I hunted less this year than any other year ever.

I like to think the deer i didnt kill will be a bigger buck next year or any doe I would have killed may drop a buck that we kill in a few years.

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1999-2018 for me once I got started they’ve kept on coming.but I hunted for 5 years and didn’t get squat.very rough start no experienced mentors


Ten Pointer
I don't keep track. I did when I was younger and immature. Like I said earlier, if you hunt for numbers, you simply don't get it.


Twelve Pointer
1988 - 2018, 30 years. I have been lucky enough to take one every year since my first one. Have quite a collection of "Uwharrie Buck" hats stashed around here somewhere.

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I was at 31, that ended last year. Could have killed a bunch of does, but I passed due to lack of deer in the area. My Diddy was at 64 years, got skunked this year. He did break his fibula in two spots in Oct. at 76 years old, it has been a little rough on his hunting. I told him we could put an asterisk by this season.