What's your streak?


Twelve Pointer
My Dad and I were talking this morning about our "streaks", how many years in a row we had killed a deer.

My streak is at 27 years 1991- 2017
My Dad's streak is at 39 years 1978- 2016
(He's not killed one yet this year)

What are y'alls streaks at?

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Twelve Pointer
2011-2017. Not much of a streak but I didn’t have much of an interest in deer hunting in college and a few years afterwards


Old Mossy Horns
I haven't hunted a year and not killed a deer since I started when I was 12. That was in '93. Oh-fer isn't in my vocabulary;)

If memory serves, only in 3 of those years did I only kill one. I haven't killed one yet this year, but I haven't even tried:)
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Twelve Pointer
I have killed a deer every year since I was 8 yrs old. Only one year where I killed one and that was my 9 yr old year. Killed four the first year I killed my first then I only killed one the next year. I have killed a 8 pt 14 inches or better with my bow four years in a row. This year isn't looking too good with the bow as I haven't gotten to hunt much. I have killed a buck 15 inches or better for the last 7 years. I hope that I keep that streak going.


Old Mossy Horns
Not good. I haven’t killed a deer since October of 2015. It was a doe with my bow. I haven’t killed a buck since November of 2009.


Old Mossy Horns
I'm at 0. Plenty of years when the deer in the herd were so small or the numbers so low that I chose to keep letting them walk.
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Old Mossy Horns
Ive went a couple of years without killing one but that was by choice.
Although I will say the last two years have sucked for me.

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Twelve Pointer
Only one year I wasn't able to get one, think it was my first year out of college and my job had me short on free time. Couldn't get on the board with only a few hunts in NC, all while trying to figure out the public land around the Yadkin chain of lakes. So after my buck and doe this weekend I'm 19 out of 20 seasons with a deer (97 at age 12 to present). I've killed a buck I've shoulder mounted or done a euro mount on 3 years in a row now.


Old Mossy Horns
I dont remember the year of the first one....but should be approaching 20 years or so now. Its been at least one per year. Never limited out when i was young and now that i have to handle them when i do kill one...cant say i ever will.


Six Pointer
So far it's 1995-2016 haven't got one yet this year but hopefully that'll change soon.

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Four Pointer
Sitting on a big ol' fat goose egg. Never had a particularly long streak, either. College and kids have gotten in the way. I plan on busting the first doe I see this year though.


Old Mossy Horns
Pretty much every year since 1973.... missed one year simply cause I did not deer hunt. Had moved to Ft Lewis, Washington and all we did was chase ducks. They were everywhere.. awesome year. My plan was to deer hunt the following year, but Uncle Sam decided that I had to go back to Ft Bragg for instructor duty. Oh well, throw me back into the briar patch. Been killing them ever since.
Now I am retired and live in the sticks of Duplin County. I hunt out the back door.....


Six Pointer
Been hunting them since late 60,s don't think there ever been a season I didn't kill one.I hunted over 20 years before I killed a doe ,back when I started hunting there weren't many deer an no body killed a doe.I have to drive a hour to hunt them back then.Once they started having a season in my county made it a lot easier.I can be in tree stand in 5 minutes now an deer everywhere ,not much of a problem to kill a buck now.I've seen over 40 bucks already this year ,a lot of them the same ones but also at least 5 shooter,s. I can remember when you were lucky to see a couple bucks a season . I've only hunted a couple days I haven't seen a deer an I hunt about everyday.

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The Dude

Eight Pointer
Got my first in 2009. Then deployed again so didn't get another till 2011. So 2011 - present. 6 years.


Ten Pointer
First one in at 11 years old in 1978 hunting with my dad. Have not had a buckless season since.
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Old Mossy Horns
Didn't shoot many deer in my younger years, my focus was primarily on grouse hunting and doing 20 years in the service kept me from hunting some years.

My current deer streak is at 10 consecutive years, 2007 to the present.


Twelve Pointer
1998-2007, 2009- 2017

Had a slow year in 2008

my average is 3 a year. Killed my 30th with bow last weekend