What's The Gun You Like The Most?


Six Pointer
Got off work today and managed to get a buddy of mine to do a little shooting. I got to thinking off all the firearms we both had in our lifetime. Contemplating what our favorite or most prized gun is. I still come back to my old Marlin 336 chambered in .30-30. It was a joint birthday gift from my dad and now deceased grandpa, back when I was 14. If not for the sentimental reasons, you just can't beat a classic. Hadn't taken her out of the case in a year probably. I cleaned and oil it and right out of the closet it still shoots true at 125 yards. With that in mind, what firearm is your favorite? For it's practicality and use or sentimental reasons
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Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
My Ruger .44 mag carbine, it was my uncles. My model 12 Winchester, it was my Dad's, my amazing A bolt 30-06, bought with scrap wire money when I had no extra money....there are more but those are my standouts.


Twelve Pointer
My Dads first rifle was a Marlin in 30-30......It was my first gun I ever stripped down and hot blued.....haven’t shot it since It was refurbished...

My favorite gun.... I use ......is a Remington Model 7 in .308


Old Mossy Horns
I cant say which is my favorite but I use my Remington 700 30-06 more than the others I have.
I will say that Marlin 336 35remington I have is awful handy in the woods.

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Six Pointer
My first hunting rifle was a Weatherby vanguard deluxe in .270. I used it to kill both my bucks this year and has been old faithful for around 25 years now. When I miss it is me, not the rifle. No question it is my favorite rifle.


Six Pointer
A plain, Savage 110 in -06 that my grandpa bought for me when I started deer hunting is my favorite. It sure isn’t much to look at, but I’ve killed a pile of deer with it.
And a Remington Model 7 in .260 that belonged to one of the finest men I’ve ever met.

Those two guns mean an awful lot to me.

45/70 hunter

Ten Pointer
I would say my all time never be sold favorite is my 21" bbl 870 12 ga. It was the first new gun I bought. I also shot my first deer with it. I probably should dig it out one day. My current go to is my H&R 357 mag rifle. It's accounted for my to best bucks two November's in a row.


Old Mossy Horns
For sentimental reasons my grandpa's remm 510 bolt action single shot he has been gone for good while now. For just hunting reasons my favorite is my remm 870 me and that thing have been awful hard on turkeys for over 20 years and Lord willing many more.


Four Pointer
My brother and I have a rule, never sell a gun that someone gave you. That being so, I have several favorites. I have my dads first a bolt 270 that has killed more deer and beat more briars than I care to share, as well as the 243 medallion he bought me at age 8, and several others. My great grandpas L.C. Smith is pretty special and I hope to get it restored sometime. As far as hunting, I carry whichever one feels lucky or suits the purpose that day.

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Eight Pointer
Ruger M77 .270. It's the 1st rifle I bought. I've killed my fair share with it and have now given it to my son. I still use it when he decides to pick up a different gun..


Ten Pointer
I'd have to say my Dad's Remington 11-48 which he bought when they first came out in the late 40's and gave to me a few years before he passed. It has accounted for more game than you could pile on a flatbed semi.


Old Mossy Horns
If not my .54 flintlock that I made in the '80s, it would be my Ruger M-77 in .243 that I bought in 1980...As a fellow told me in Virginia back in the early '80s, that's a wicked cartridge... :)


Twelve Pointer
My Ruger M77 .270. Its the ugly boat paddle stock version. I mowed yards all summer and bought that gun in 1998. Its virtually indestructible and very accurate.


Old Mossy Horns
The one I've had the longest and enjoy shooting the most is a plain Jane old CVA kit gun, a .45 Kentucky longrifle.


Ten Pointer
My first deer rifle also was a Marlin 336 in 30/30. I killed a bunch of deer with it for many years. Love that gun. Its my favorite.
I also have a Rem. 700 in .243 that's a sweet shooter. I killed a bunch of deer with, as did my sons and wife. So, its my favorite.
I also have my Dad's Rem. 700 in .270 that he used to tote, and it will drive tacks. So, its my favorite.
Several years ago I bought a Browning BAR in .270, primarily for my wife...but I've used it a bunch as well and must admit, the gun is incredible. Shoots like a dream and is super accurate. We've killed a bunch of deer with it. So, its my favorite.
I guess guns are like your children.....kinda hard picking a favorite. They're all your favorite! Great thread!


Twelve Pointer
I'm not so sure I like it the most...got too many to choose from but I bought a Browning A5 3" magnum when I was 14 years old. Naturally dad bought it but I paid for it. I worked all summer long to buy that shot gun and a .54 caliber renegade muzzleloader plus a buck lite pocket knife. It was 1985 because it was the first year Cabarrus county had a deer season. Shotgun and muzzleloaders was the only guns allowed at that time. I still have all three to this day and the pocket knife is in my pocket as I type this. I was making $2/hour helping my dad and the browning alone cost me $476.00 at Bill Tobais in Albemarle NC. There is a lot of hours in those purchases...I could never sale any of them and come out. Guess I'm stuck with them.


Twelve Pointer
For sentimental reasons, my Granddaddy’s Winchester M70 7mm Rem Mag.
He killed every deer he ever killed with it, and I’ve since killed 3 1/2 truck loads with it.

For functionality and ease of use it has to be my Remington M700 SS .300 Win Mag. It’s dumped a LOT of deer in the dirt.

Just because for whatever reason I can’t bring myself to hunt with another Muzzleloader, my Remington M700ML. Killed more deer with that thing than most folks have killed in total.

I have a Ruger .44 Mag Carbine that Daddy gave me. It’s the handiest little thicket gun ever made IMO

I have the first shotgun my Dad ever owned, a Harrington Richardson Topper 158 single shot 20 gauge. His Grandaddy gifted it to him in 1967 for his 10th birthday, and he gifted it to me in 1992 for my 10th birthday.

There are others that are favorites for one reason or another... but those are the biggies.

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Twelve Pointer
When I made Eagle Scout in 1984, my dad bought me a Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 gauge lightweight. Not only is it a perfect quail, grouse, rabbit shotgun, but with it's American-made walnut stock, smooth pump action, and weight of under 6 lbs, it's a dream to carry afield...


Eight Pointer
I'd have to say that it's a J. J. Weston double barrel hammer 12 ga with Damascus twist steel barrels that belonged to my GrandPaw I never got to meet. He died just before I was born. Daddy passed it on to me 30 years ago. The left side hammer is missing. Everyone I asked said they don't know what happened to the hammer. I would love to find one to replace it. Maybe someone on here has some info on where I can get one.


Eight Pointer
Late 1960s vintage Rem 1100. Dad bought it for me as a teenager and I learned to shoot skeet and to hunt quail, doves and rabbits with it. In the 1980s and 90s killed a bunch of pheasants with it in Kansas and also killed my 1st turkey gobbler with it.


Eight Pointer
My Dad worked in a little family run department store repairing TV’s on the weekends to make a little extra money for us. When I turned 12, he gave me a single shot 16 gauge from that store that was similar to the one he’d been given by his father. I have no idea what model or make it is, but I will have it forever.

Number 2 is the SKS he bought me as my first deer rifle when I was 14. I killed my first two deer with that rifle & made the best shot of my life with it. My cousin took me hunting with his dog club & we needed to stop the dogs that were chasing a doe before it crossed a property line. The deer was running flat out broadside to us at 120-150 yards. My cousin & I were both shooting at the deer & seeing the bullets hit at its heels. His nice rifle only held 5, my SKS held 7, and in my final shot I led the deer almost out of the scope & hit him above the ham in the spine to roll it up dead. Turns out that doe was a button buck!

I’ve killed a lot of deer since then, but that’s one I won’t soon forget. I still carry that gun on a hunt or two a year. I have no idea how or where I lost the bayonet and cleaning rod.
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Ten Pointer
Remington 1100 LT-20 Field Special. My grandfather and dad gave it to me when I was ten the day before dove season.


Eight Pointer
My all time favorite is dads old Rossi 62 SA 22. It’s one fun little piece that’s had an untold thousands and thousands of rounds put through it. I’d be ashamed to guess at how many squirrels have come out of trees to that little rifle loaded with shorts and there’s been known to be a deer or two trip over themselves near by in years past.
I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a 1960s .30 Carbine and absolutely fell in love with it. That is one rifle very high on my list of things to have.


I have a Remington sportsman 58 16ga that my parents gave me years ago as a present it was new it is by far my favorite


Ten Pointer
It's a toss up between my 1929 model Springfield/Stevens 16gauge my grandpa gave me on my 12th birthday it was his mother's turkey and grouse gun,actually have a picture of her with the gun and a dead cobbler. The other is my dad's custom built 308w mauser action he had built in 1968 by a well known gunsmith in Pa ,paid $369 And a model 94 win in 32 special for it. I had it redone about 10 years ago and spent more than that.but wouldn't take any amount for either one