What's Changed? The good and bad

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Just got to say that if anyone on here is still hunting public for ducks I will/should shake your hand.......I quit it in 1995 . It was bad then and can only imagine it now. The only times I duck hunt now are 1 to 2 times a year floating a creek for them. too much pressure in 1995 for me.
I've had great public land hunts. Scouting is key, and luck (timing) plays a role too. About the longer seasons...I wonder if they'll ever do a reduced 30/3 season for most flyways given the drought. If we have another one this year, I have a feeling it'll be in the cards. And maybe that's what we need, just like a drought replenishes seasonal wetlands for the better...maybe a 30/3 season will get the duck commanders and weekend warriors to hang it up and say it's not worth it.
Why the hate? Everyone started somewhere and not everyone has weekdays off
Not hating, just making a point. I have several friends that can only hunt weekends, and even then it's maybe 2-3 a season they don't have kids' sports or some other event on a Saturday. If we go to a 30 day, I could see a lot of people just not having time...and not even bother to try and hunt.