Whatcha drinking tonight?


Six Pointer
I'm not really into them but the wife has been making lots of mint juleps. She makes a mint simple syrup so no mint muddling is needed each time she makes one. I prefer the Four Roses Small Batch straight up though.


Twelve Pointer


Eight Pointer
The beer itself isn’t very good, but the morning is perfect. I’ve worked my backside off all morning. Plan to be in a stand by 3:30. Noticing what a great fall day we are having, I decided to grab one of my wife’s Octoberfest beers that she only drank 2 of and take a minute. Top of the morning to ya fellas.


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Twelve Pointer
Johnnie Walker Black. I forgot I had a handle of black and another of red all the while drinking a lot of expensive scotch (I'm cheap). I'll be working on those two for a while and let the fancier ones rest and my wallet recover.