Whatcha drinking tonight?


Old Mossy Horns
Willet pot still reserve. Out of a mason jar…took me a min to remember what it was, as I split a bottle with my BIL.

Good stuff(y)


Eight Pointer
Last night I watched the Canes end their season and had some Tobacco Wood Brewing 565 American Red Ale. Good stuff. Tobacco Wood is a brewery in Oxford owned by female veterans. As a nice note, two tall cans added to our pizza order from Wilton Pizzeria brings the order total up be enough for delivery to us in the boonies! (And I get to enjoy them both as the other half believes Miller Lite is the only beer worth drinking.)
Brewery owners are my neighbors. good place to get a beer.
wilton pizza has good pizza but i would swear their dough is pre-made store bought. i always fall back on romas in creedmoor


Old Mossy Horns
Driving through Kentucky this morning, we were going to do a tour of a distillery. Never decided which one but that didn't matter as we decided to drive through and not stop for a tour.

Although a stop at a Kroger liquor store (stopped at the the food portion of the store but the liquor store was next to it) I came to find all of my favorite bourbons about 1/3 less than I can get it here!!!


Twelve Pointer
Man I love those Hazy IPAs but they help me produce an astonishing amount not methane.
The unfiltered hazys definitely hit you different.
They are higher calorie too.

I love a good clean 7% fruity haze.

Wicked Week had that “Fresh Pressed” grapefruit 8% a couple weeks back that destroyed me at the beach.