Whatcha drinking tonight?


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That is great stuff for the price. Few friends at huntcamp really like it.
When I was in TN a week back that was one I grabbed a few bottles of for hunt camp.
Something like 12$ there and not in my normal stores.
Got a big and a 750.
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I really like it, I found it at the Lillington ABC store but they had a 1 bottle limit on it, it was $12.95

Ho ace

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Sitting out on the patio heating up the Weber and throwing flippy floppy for the pup. Wife making Palomas.. on #2.


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A little bit of that Woodford Reserve.

Been a great day. Woke up and worked a few hours. Got to Salma Hayeks(🤣) to someone that loves my sauce, spent hours talking with a few different neighbors, got a few messages of support from members here, and friends. Wife's bartering for goats(we held a Pyrenees pup back, in case something happened to one that had a deposit on it)... it's been eventful to say the least. Animals trading [virtual]hands, plans being made. As of an hour ago, we're 8 goats richer 😫 more work in my future. When things click, everything makes sense.

Didn't eat supper till 11. Kind of took us back to when we were super broke, making large batches, of the cheapest whatever, that would last us the next couple weeks. It was a nice reminder.

Now trying to connect one potential hemp farmer friend to another one who's already gotten started.

Needed a little unwinding. Thankful for this group. Most of you understand the snowball effect of things just working out. It's been that kind of day, and I pray that it just gets bigger.



Big Ole Nanny
Last night I watched the Canes end their season and had some Tobacco Wood Brewing 565 American Red Ale. Good stuff. Tobacco Wood is a brewery in Oxford owned by female veterans. As a nice note, two tall cans added to our pizza order from Wilton Pizzeria brings the order total up be enough for delivery to us in the boonies! (And I get to enjoy them both as the other half believes Miller Lite is the only beer worth drinking.)


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This is some tasty stuff. I go to it when I want a port finished bourbon but angels envy isn't available.