What y’all eating


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poor people food from England, couldn't afford actual beef but gravy and Yorkshire Puds was filling
kind of interesting how all the staple (survival) family food is coming 5 star plates again. I truly enjoy cube steak by the way.

Paid $15.99 Saturday night for a pork belly sandwich. 😂


Twelve Pointer
.99 butts at fud lion. they had one left. it was a 2 pack. 18lbs.
took 5lbs and tried this insta pot thing I've had for at least 8yrs.
Intent was for sandwiches since I had extra rolls from cheesesteaks earlier.
Called for chicken stock but only had beef. Seared right in the pot, has a setting. deglazed with the stock and threw it all together in closed it up for 1 hour.
The gravey was too good. Thickened it up as I threw on rice and garlic bread out of the rolls. Used up some broccoli in the frig.


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Went to Luellas in Asheville for lunch today. Was planning on wings till I saw the special.... so at the top 2 wings of fire cause ..... well they are some of the best wings I've ever had..... then the special was smoked ribs smothered in jalapeños and candy bacon ..... sweet heat was freaking awesome..... then hoop cheese macaroni and spicy slaw..... dang it was good. Now sitting up on BRP letting it digest. 64' pouring rain and fog can't see more then about 50 yards.


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