What y’all eating


Twelve Pointer
Made 3 jars of homemade pickles from cukes out of the garden, turned out great! One jar eaten the next day, one given away and one that won’t last thru the weekend.


Old Mossy Horns
Made something that my dad fried up many years ago when we were back in England, should have sliced the potato a little thinner, but dang was good
Sliced potato fish and another slice of tater, flour and beer batter, held together with a couple of tooth picks
Couple of pieces of left over fish as well
Fish was cooked to perfection, potato just a touch underdone, but good, and covered in that batter - it looks like there is some kind of sauce, but that is just tasty fish


Staff member
my wife surprised me with this meal this morning,,,
her rendition of something I had on a trip we took to DC area a while ago for an OSS Society Banquet
the hotel (Mandarin Oriental) had this for a breakfast meal, they called it "Carolina Grits"
good stone ground grits, bit of diced ham, okra, jalapenos, shrimp, and pimento cheese
my Wife didn't use pimento cheese (she forgot that's what they used) but she did use cheddar

dang fine eats for a Sunday morning after checking ponds,,, I'm stuffed



Old Mossy Horns
That is recipe I'm definitely going to do!!
Just had left overs, threw a couple of tooth picks in and baked in the oven to warm up, keeps the batter off the pan

Back in England my dad used to run a home for battered fish, fish came in whole, so he had to cut and portion them, he had small bits of fish left over and needed to do something with them for increased profits.


Old Mossy Horns
Keep that away from my cobbler....I prefer the edge and it's crunchy chewy crust

Oh...the crust was crunchy, chewy...and not contaminated by the ice cream. Purposely. Sigh..it was delicious!!! And I'll put some in the toaster for breakfast. Going to be good and crunchy, chewy a second time. Rub it in...🤣
Edit...I did pick around the edge for 2nds. 🙂


Twelve Pointer
Wait till you cook one for 10 then!
10 hours is too long for me, I cooked one for 7 hours on a cold day once and felt like I wasted too much time.
I'm still a rookie when it comes to a smoker but I'm pretty good with charcoal and steaks.