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What y’all eating


Twelve Pointer
I wish I thought to ask my wife to grab me a BBQ w slaw sandwich. Instead she delivered a McDouble and McChicken to me in the tractor. Boys love McDonalds and she would have made a second stop but I wasn’t thinking about it, was more focused on task at hand. Oh well, I’ll ask next time.


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Bout to let Vegas eat my wallet
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just checked in. Bout to hit the floor
Won some hands. Lost some hands. Stayed even. Ate a lot but didn’t take pics. The people are BACK. Nice to be around a crowd and now after COVID hardly anyone smokes on the casino floors. That was always my biggest gripe about gaming in casinos.

also hot out here. The girls’ walkin around with them high bushy tails. Can tell everyone wants to let loose.


Twelve Pointer
No picture tonight but I cooked a blackened mahi mahi, seared scallops, saffron rice and green beans. The kids got fish sticks and fries as they don’t get or appreciate the good stuff.
I'm glad my wife isn't on here. We had salmon tacos the other night, to try and suppress her craving for Mahi tacos.

I don't think it worked, but the salmon was good. Lol.