What y’all eating


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Zucchini/Squash/Onions followed clockwise is corn, creamed cucumbers, and garlic feta red potatoes. Of course the star of the show is the 1 Inch Medium Rare Sirloin.

1” sirloin is what I had this afternoon as well,,, more rare than medium rare though


Ten Pointer
marinated some thin strips of stir fry steak in teriyaki with a big of cajun seasoning.
made a pico/ fresh salsa today and fridged it for a few along with the meat.
diced up some fresh lettuce and radish from the yard. grilled a few jalapenos along with the meat (a pain but worth it). pulled the meat and peppers then threw on the corn tortillas until done. a couple dribbles of sriracha and some queso crumbles.
Tacos are awesome.... I did take a pic. too big. I will try to resize, tacos did not pose for additional pics. their job was very short and tasty😋


Old Mossy Horns
That cake is just too friggin' cool!!! That is truly AMAZING. Do you know how she made those feathers? Does she have a bake shop? This cake is what my 2View attachment 67491 amateur daughters rustled up @ the beach when my Grandson turned 1.
The feathers were fondant I’m sure. Scissors and an airbrush would be my guess. She did have a bakery, but she’s closed it to focus on other avenues. Some of her wedding cakes were incredible, to say the least.

Your cake looks good to me!


Ten Pointer
it is a very old and popular local bbq. You will have to spend a few weeks to get around and try all the bbq places that people will claim to be the best. lol