What Song(s) Are You Listening To?

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Can't post them here because of language, but Slipknot's released 3 new songs before next week's new album release. I been warming my neck UP!!!!! :mosh:

I think my favorite of all three "All out life, Unsainted, and Solway Firth", would have the be the latter. The video is quite epic!!! Not Safe For Work or if youngins are around however.

Y'all watch that video and you'll look at country music the same way I do now. No soul, no intensity!!!

Who's ready for August 9th?!?!?!?!?!?!? o_O:greenjump::skeerd::bass:
Theyve gone back to how they're supposed to sound and not just a beefed up Stone Sour. Sounds like Iowa again and I love it.

As I Lay Dying just announced a new album coming september 20th, Tool has a new album... 2019 is the year for metal

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Never liked Korn or Tool. Even the Slipknot guys will admit Iowa was NOT a good album! Very rushed. I still haven't listened to the whole album, my plan to take today off went kaput. Listened to 3 songs so far, not impressed. BUT, 11 more to go!!! Volbeat and DragonForce have new albums out also!!!


Eight Pointer
Don’t remember seeing this one posted, if it has been I apologize but I heard this one for the first time today wow. Written and performed by Hank jr’s daughter about her maternal grandparents relationship. It’s a long song but I enjoyed it very much.

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Keeping one of my favorite threads going.....

Just found this one tonight:

And this is what the best version ever by the original artist sounds like. So good it's scary. Both are excellent.