What is your 2019-2020 archery set up?

team muddy creek

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Same one i have used for the last 14 years, Browning Myst. It still kills them as dead as ever.

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A 22# Snake recurve bow. Not sure which arrows I will use yet (I have some aluminums and some wood arrows I need to finish up, field points and old Bear Razorheads), but I am hoping to take it with me in October to hunt squirrels, if I'm ready by then.
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Six Pointer
2009(?) Bowtech Commander, 60# limbs.
Copper John Dead Nuts Pro II sight w/extension for longer sight radius.
T. R.U. Ball four finger release.
Easton Axis Slim Tech carbon arrows (discontinued but I have maybe 18 left)
Mix of factory Easton and Lumenok nocks.
G5 100 grain Montec broadheads.

Total arrow weight 405-410 grains.

My previous bow was a rattle can painted Mathews target bow I shot for maybe 20 years before upgrading.

My crossbow is a Barnett hybrid of a Jackal stock and Predator limbs so Dick's could claim it as "exclusive".... Bought during a Black Friday sale with a $20 coupon and military discount it cost around $160. In addition to hunting our farm I hunted in a regulated deer removal program at Cornell U. We generally hunted in the 2 square mile area of the core of the campus. The deer were under a lot of hunting pressure so our permit allowed us to hunt at night and over bait, neither of which is normally legal in NY.

I tossed the Barnett scope added a few additional rails for any of my 3 Sniper Hog Lights and added a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 scope that cost a lot more than the crossbow. I have a mix of Easton Gold Tip and Carbon Express arrows. The bow shoots them all well. I took a lot of deer with that setup..... The last winter I hunted at Cornell I donated 12 deer in addition to the ones we kept for family and friends.



Elite Answer
QAD rest
True Glow Stab
G5 peep
GoldTip Ted Nugent 300
Shwacker 2"
Scott Mongoose Release


Old Mossy Horns
Mission MXB400
NAP doublecross expandable
22’ BEEs

393fps with a 429gn arrow

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Button Buck
2018 Mathews Triax 70lb
QAD ultra rest
Black Gold 3 pin slider
Tru Ball max pro 4 release
CX pile driver ptx small diameter 350
125gr Stinger 2 blade broadheads

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Six Pointer

Athens ridge 34
Kuiu Verde
636 victory arrows
Vpa 200 gr 3 blade
Hamske rest
Apex quiver
Bee stinger counter slide stabilizer

I have a case of Target panic so I'm shooting a hinge release.

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Six Pointer
Well mine will have to be a 2020/21 set up.

Bowtech SR6 70# 27.5”
Hamseka Hunter micro pro
Crossover stab
Black eagle rampage 250
Schwacker 125s
Vapor trail strings

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