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What is your 2019-2020 archery set up?


Twelve Pointer
Archery season is just around the corner. What's everyone shooting this year?

2006 Bowtech Tribute 60lb draw weight
Rip cord code red drop away rest
HHA Optimizer single pin sight
Easton FMJ 400 spine
Grim Reaper 100 grain broadhead
Scott Rhino XT release

Traditional set up
Bear Tiger cat recurve 48lbs at 28"
Easton xx75 2117 arrows
Magnus stinger 150 grain head

Every year I say I am going to hunt with my recurve and I never do. I am going to force myself to take it out a few times this year.


Eight Pointer
2007 Bowtech Allegiance 50lb
TT Pronghorn rest
Impact Archery Solo sight
Goldtip XT's
Thunderhead 100
Fletchunter Concho Release

I have a recurve but I haven't shot it in years because it needs a string and I just never get around to having it restrung. I've actually never hunted with it because I never got good enough too. It's fun to shoot and play with. :)


Button Buck
Matthews z7 70lb
Copper John 5 pin
Qad ultrarest
Black eagle rampage arrows with muzzy 3 blade 100 grain.

I’ve got an old Damon Howatt 52lb recurve that I keep saying I’m taking but hadn’t had the confidence to yet.


Six Pointer
2018 Mathews Z3, 63#
Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight
QAD HDX rest
Apex Reactor Quiver
Easton XX78 Super Slam 2213 arrows
Magnus Black Hornet 100g 4 blade broadhead
Scott release;

Samick Red Stag takedown recurve 45#
Thunderhorn Lynx quiver
Shot off the shelf, no sights
Easton XX75 1916 arrows
Zwickey Delta 2 blade 175g broadhead
3Rivers Dura Glove.


Six Pointer
2015 Elite E35 74# 31” Draw
Limb driver Pro V
Excell 5 pin (can’t remember the series)
Carter Evolution and Carter Wise Guy releases
Limbsavior Lite Stab 4oz with 8” back bar with 12 oz
GoldTip Hunter Pro 29” with 50grn insert
100 grn Rage Hypodermic
100 grn Slick Trick

Ol Copper

Eight Pointer
2018 Quest Thrive @ 59 lbs. - 30.5" DL
QAD Ultra-rest HDX
HHA Tetra 5519 sight
Victory 400 spine V-force Elite arrows
Dead Center stabilizers
100 gr. S/T Viper Trick 4 blade broadheads
TruBall Fang 3 thumb release


Eight Pointer
Prime Centergy
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL
Beestinger 10” Hunter
Trophy Ridge HXL rest
Black Eagle Zombie Slayer 300 spine
Cool Hand Luke string stop
100gr Sevr
100gr Trypan


Six Pointer
2012 Martin Bone Hunter 29.5" 65lbs
Trophy Ridge Drive single pin
Whisker biscuit rest
Older model Bear thumb release
100 grain Gator Blackout Broadheads

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Old Mossy Horns
IF.. and it's big if right now...I can hunt this year it'll be with a 15" Morrison ILF riser with extra-long 45# Centaur longbow limbs and Maxima 150 Blue Streaks tipped with 100 grain Muzzy Phantoms .


Old Mossy Horns
Elite Answer around 70lb
QAD Hdx rest
Spot Hogg real deal site
Bee stinger 8inch
WC strings
G5 peep
Easton Fmj 340, 11.3 gpi
100gr Slick Trick Magnums
Trufire wrist release

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Old Mossy Horns
2012 Hoyt Carbon Element RKT 29”/73#
Johns Custom Archery strings
TruGlo Carbon 3 pin
Octane Hostage Pro
CE Bluestreaks with Blazers and Nockturnals
100gr NAP Spitfires(original chisel tip)
Truball Copperhead


Ten Pointer
2013 Elite Answer -63 lbs
Black Eagle Zombie Slayers
Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg with double pin
QAD hunter rest
Stokerized offset stabilizer
Tight spot quiver
Nock 2 it release
Traditionally shot muzzy 100 4 blades but may change this year.....need to decide soon though lol.

Her name is Ramona.....aka Hidden Tiger. Haha.

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Button Buck
Upgraded to this after my PSE Stinger Extreme:

Prime Ion - 65#
IQ Microsight 5-Pin
Prime Factory Strings
It came with Black Eagle Outlaw arrows but I use to shoot Beman ICS Hunters, now I don't know what to shoot lol.
Rage Trypan Broadheads
Truglo Detonator Release



Six Pointer
Older Matthew's Solo Cam
5 pin spot Hogg
Drop away rest that I assume came with it (bought the bow used)
Easton hunter 400 arrow at 29"
100 gr dirt nap drt


Twelve Pointer
Mathews Z7 28" Set at 70lbs
New Winners Choice string and cable set.
QAD HDX arrowrest
SpotHogg 5 pin Real Deal sight
FMJ N Carbon Arrows 340s
2" Blazer Vanes
Slick Trick 125grain 4 blade broadheads.
5 Arrow Tight Spot Quiver
Axion Stabilizer