What have you considered "money well spent!"?


Twelve Pointer
Honda Rancher AT. 14 years of relatively trouble free service. Lots of rides with the kids, corn hauled that lead to deer being hauled, garden tilled, etc.

My old white Chevy 2500. Paid around 23k for it, put 176k trouble free miles, several minor accidents and she kept on going. Hopefully the tundra will do the same minus any accidents!


Eight Pointer
  1. John Deere 3038E with front end loader.
  2. Winchester Model 70 black/SS in .270 WSM.
  3. Honey bees and hives.


Ten Pointer
The bagging attachment on my lawnmower. With over 12 trees on 1/2 an acre it was worth every penny. I bought the mower used off craigslist and paid the same amount (used, off craigslist) for the bagger.

Petsmart or Woofgang or whoever to trim my dogs toenails once every two or three months.

The $30 Dollars I pumped into the coin operated machine at King Koin Laundromat, Self Serve Car Wash, and DIY Dog Bathing station in Bismarck, North Dakota after Gus tried to "retrieve" a skunk.

The Extra Super Duper Ripoff Rental Car Insurance I purchased on that hunting trip when Gus tried to retrieve a skunk and I made him sleep in the Expedition afterwards.


Old Mossy Horns
Thermacell. Pair of Leather fire boots when they only issued rubber ones, custom fit golf clubs.. those come to mind


Ten Pointer
I have to laugh at the Thermacell replies - Amen!!
pair of hunting boots I bought for 130 bucks 25 years ago from cabelas - i thought it a lot of money but I dont know when ill be able to wear them out

case skinning knife
1987 gmc truck
remington 1100
engagement ring


Eight Pointer
pair of hunting boots I bought for 130 bucks 25 years ago from cabelas - i thought it a lot of money but I dont know when ill be able to wear them out
I have a made in usa pair of Cabela's hiking boots and a rain suit from about that long ago that have been great. The good old days of quality products for a decent price.


Ten Pointer
For me, #1 was $1,xxx on calling 911 and and ambulance arrive and take me to the hospital!!!!

#2 was the top tier gutter guards. For years during downpours we watched the gutters overflow to the point it killed the grass and eroded around them to stone. Long story short, with 2 LONG, STRAIGHT rooftops, and only downspouts at one end, the gutters just couldn't keep up in downpours if ANY trash was in them. We spent a lil bit of $ and got these awesome guards and now we watch downpours without worrying. Again, I once said "money well spent". (this is AFTER a new roof and new gutters were installed at the right drop).

Anyone else got examples?
European River Cruise.... My wife's idea. I actually thought it was extravagant and that I wouldn't enjoy it. I have never been more wrong!


Ten Pointer
Here is one small money well spent item - a head lamp. No only is it good for getting to and from hunting spots in the dark but yesterday I used it to change the air filter on my furnace in the crawlspace of my house and wire a new dimmer switch in the house.
Hell yes! One of my employees gave me one as Christmas gift last year and after using it for the first time I said "where have you been all my life?!"

red neck richie

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Riding lawn mower. Push mowers and self propelled are for the birds. Especially during mid summer. I even got the one with the high back seat and a cup holder so I can lean back and drink a cold one while cutting grass.


Minn Kota riptide auto deploy trolling motor. Coming from the era of $100 for a brand new sears gamefisHer for the back of the Jon boat was all the tea in China. the $2150 I spent to push a button to drop a trolling motor , anchor, or follow a contour line was money well spent. It’s 6 months old and if it blew up tomorrow I would buy another. After last winter fishing by myself I slipped on the icy deck on my cc and with a bad back it was my wife’s gift to keep me around.


Twelve Pointer
Best money spent for me
- Savage 10MLII smokeless muzzleloader
-Bobcat Zero Turn Mower
-all the rubber boots & scent lok I have bought