What did you make?


Eight Pointer
There’s a lot of equipment out there with hydraulic components I programmed and made. I even own a few pieces and some of y’all may have too.

This one isn’t the wildest thing I’ve ever made but it is somewhat sentimental considering it was the last part I programmed and made on the mill before I hung it up ten years ago to farm full time.

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That looks familiar to me like something on a log splitter


Six Pointer
Besides building game calls year round I take on other projects as well I built this for Coke a few years back. It was used in Walmart stores around Charlotte area You had 6 lag bolts to break down into pieces so it could be moved easily.


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Old Mossy Horns
I sold laser pointers for a company. I came up with the idea of making a laser bore sighter before all the big manufacturers. For my 12 gauge Hastings rifled barrel Remington 870 I epoxied a laser pointer into an empty 12 gauge hull and had an instant bore sighter. Could not get a patent because the US Govertnment had a similar system for their military tanks.


Frozen H20 Guy
I am making stuff all the time more out of utility than craftsmanship. Will have to think on it and take some pictures tomorrow of something more interesting but in the last week or so it's been more chicken housing. Did get tired of buying hinges so started making them from old steel barrels and 30 penny nails. When I get my sawmill up and running I'll be making lumber and oak tablesView attachment 75905View attachment 75906