What are you looking forward to?


Old Mossy Horns
Tired of reading all the crap on here about current events. This used to be a safe haven from current events and politics for the most part, so, in an effort to not totally give up, even though I readily admit I’ve contributed my fair share of that, and am sorry for it.... here’s a thread to try and spread some positivity.

What do you have going on that you are you looking forward to?

Don’t deer hunt anymore so no effs to give there on my part, however I’m having a house built, and the beginning of the end of that is starting this week. Ready to move in and have my own space again.

I’m looking forward to October/ November drum season on the planks, and sand if need be. Nothing like an upper 40’s FL drum head down in miserable weather with big swell and current.

I’m looking forward to live bait king trips in November. Can’t afford to do it much but will likely do two trips with KP on the Miss Hatteras.

What are y’all looking forward to?


Eight Pointer
Great thread idea Justin. I’m guilty as well. As far as my positive outlook...
-getting married and going deep sea fishing next month
-doing some coon hunting /training with my buddy and his dogs
-starting welding school in august
-working on my truck some more
-long term...getting thru school, starting new career, becoming a homeowner, starting outdoors YouTube channel with my best friend and our families

dc bigdaddy

Old Mossy Horns
My oldest will be 15 in August. Waiting for him to do his driving in drivers ed. I can't wait for him to be able to get behind the wheel.

A life long friend is supposed to be here this week. We're going to rip some lips off those little brim, bream, panfish.

In the process of buying an acre lot in front of my house to keep the peace and quite right by me.

I can't wait to get the kids back on the trap range busting some clays.

@Justin I hope you enjoy that house! Nothing like your own place.


Old Mossy Horns
Looking forward to sitting on the beach at OBX catching fish.
Planning a few weeks on Cape Lookout.
Not looking forward to hunting really. With all this crap and the number of people at hunt club.... If the current events are still going on it will be a PITA.

May end up doing more shooting and Catfishing this fall.
When I do hunt, I will not pass up anything.
Get me a few deer for meat and move on.


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What are y’all looking forward to?
who me,,,,plan??? In no real order,,,,,

  • grandkids coming back over,,,,they make this old man soft hearted,,,,
  • training my knucklehead,,,I mean dog,,,,he's 18 months and coming strong,,,,Fall Breed test in Oct,,,,
  • another ocean trip or three,,,,boats are calling me,,,
  • providing some training for a couple off my friends who want it,,,
  • Deer season opens in 45 days (SC)
  • Then dove,,,
  • Likely taking another trip to Montana this Sept,,,,chasing birds,,,,
  • Then early teal (LA)
  • Oct likely somewhere "Up North" for Grouse,,,,
  • November,,,bonzai duck camp time,,,,friends,,food,,fishing,,and maybe some dead quackers,,,
  • Maybe snag some drum lessons from a fellow I know,,,,
  • rail hunting,,,
  • more ducks in LA in Dec and January,,,
  • Heading back to texas for quail, hogs, and javelina,,,

and I am sure some other stuff mixed in,,,,

life is good,,,


Big Ole Nanny
We usually do a lot of music festivals in the summer. This year we are just going to do more camping and paddling in the mountains of NC and Va. Looking forward to gorgeous scenery, camp fires, camp cooking and chilling out.

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
Got a week with the family in Waves next month. Gonna try to make a hard run at the sheephead. We will probably do a long weekend further south in September and maybe October this year as I've got a couple of lodging options.

Looking forward to keeping a flounder.

Got a field full of sunflowers in the front yard, just starting to head out. That's potential.

Looking forward to when/if these kids go back to school.

Looking to plan a bird hunting trip to the great lakes somewhere, but I'm waiting on the craziness to die out.


Eight Pointer
Heading to Ohio Amish country Friday for couple of days. Next weekend my youngest son turns 4 and having a pool party. End of the month taking my wife to Savannah for our 11 year anniversary. Then getting ready for football and cheer leading for my middle son and daughter (Hopefully). Then finally deer season. I like the idea on this thread, Thank you Justin


Twelve Pointer
Deer season and my 7 year old daughters first harvest.... been practicing a lot in off season. She is deadly with her .222 Howa Mini.

My youngest will start Kindergarten

Ps Hope to squeeze in a mini family vacation as we skipped our annual week in Florida do to all the mess going on.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
looking forward to doing some fishing with friends, building another AR or similar, cooler weather, new lease with forum member in Ohio....lots of good stuff in my future I'm looking forward to.


Old Mossy Horns
Hatteras for a week very soon, offshore and inshore with friends and family.

Manteo white marlin fishing with friends and family in Sept/Oct.

Continue topwater trout/drum fishing on a regular basis in Hyde and Pamlico Counties.

Kid turning 16 very soon. Looking forward to the whole “new” car thing for her.

20th wedding anniversary in a few months should make for a good trip with my bride.

Jake NFC

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Just sold my boat and ordered another that get me further offshore. Excited about catching bigger fish rather than trolling the beach for Spanish and Blues.
BTW, it’s a sellers market with boats right now. If you are thinking of upgrading, now is the time. I never imagined I could get what I did for mine. The buyer through out a number I was pleased with and we made the deal.


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Our son just graduated from ECU and is headed to WCU for their Doctor of Physical Therapy program. We're extremely proud of him & look forward to this next chapter of life for him. He worked every semester of college and graduated with a 3.8 something (thankfully he got his Mom's brain). We're moving him to Cullowhee in August, so wife & I are going to spend a week in the mountains. I'm sure my wife is already planning some additional trips to the mountains.

Ready to climb into a deer stand or blind and watch the sunrise (without mosquitoes carrying me off).


Old Mossy Horns
Hatteras for a week very soon, offshore and inshore with friends and family.

Manteo white marlin fishing with friends and family in Sept/Oct.

Continue topwater trout/drum fishing on a regular basis in Hyde and Pamlico Counties.

Kid turning 16 very soon. Looking forward to the whole “new” car thing for her.

20th wedding anniversary in a few months should make for a good trip with my bride.
Got a Hatteras (Buxton, I’m not paying so I didn’t argue) trip with the family in July.

That white marlin fishing looks like it would be a blast. I’d love to catch them on 4000 size spinning gear or Avet SX sized gear on pitch baits.


Eight Pointer
On Friday, I chartered Capt. Joe from Chasin' Tails to come out with me on my kayak and tell me what I was doing wrong. I learned a lot. Now I can't wait to get back out there and start hauling them in. OK, I"ll still suck at it but maybe not as much.


Eight Pointer
Doing some fishing on the river , my boy getting back in town and scouting a new lease we r getting on , and working on the one we have


Old Mossy Horns
Looking forward to getting my cataract surgery behind me. Since most of my boodndoggles got cancelled, I decided to do some body maintenance. Got right eye done this morning and planning for the left in a couple of weeks. Also exploring knee replacement of my bum knee.

Depending on the body maintenance schedule, I am looking forward to squeezing in a road trip of some description. I am at least 10K miles behind this year. Definitely planning a few days at the coast and maybe another off shore trip.

Into the fall, a red arrow sounds good and hopefully we will be able to hold the NC Trappers Assn. Convention the last Friday and Saturday of Sept. Then trapping season opens Nov.1. I am itching to see a coyote twitching!

In the meantime, enjoy the grand baby and whatever else life throws at me. I might be old a decrepit but I ain't dead yet!


Old Mossy Horns
My hopes are looking a little farther into the future than most of you but I hope and pray every one of yours come to fruition. Next Monday morning I'm going to have a complete shoulder replacement on one side or the other. They haven't reached a consensus between the surgeon and the VA as to which one needs it worse but both are gonna be replaced before the fall.

My surgeon has assured me that after these procedures I'll be even better able to do the things I enjoy. So I'm gonna be rehabbing with a passion in hopes of getting back to traditional archery competition as soon as I'm physically able to do so without re-injuring myself.

Got my heart set on a few spring tournaments to get back in the game and if all goes well, adding another buckle added to the shelf at next summer's ASA State Championship.....

Ol Copper

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Looking forward to running the skirl dogs as much as possible. Have trips to TN and Ohio lined up already, it will provide some much needed fun, camping, grilling and eating.

Gonna hit the sandhills in search of our first fox skirl too. Just about gave up on deer.......but I will pop 1 or 2 just to keep the freezer full in case the 'rona dont leave. 😉


We've got a little boy that is just over 11 months, and have really loved watching his little personality develop. Looking forward to continuing that journey. We are also on the front end (permitting process) of building what is basically our dream home, so I am very much looking forward to getting that complete and getting out of this apartment.