What a Crappy Day my wife and I had

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Yesterday we took the square stern out for some trolling for Crappy. WE had a blast catching what I call the easiest fish to catch on the planet. easy but I enjoy catching them cause it is laid back fishing. Back 20 years ago my son and I used to mop up the crappie here. He was young then and the action was always fast and furious.

I still bank fish this lake a lot but it has been a looooooong time since I put a boat in here. Yesterday was the day. I started off trolling Z-Crankers and nothing, nada zero.
I then swithched to a pink head jig with white 2 inch grub on 2 rods and the 3rd has a black yellow fire tail and sprayed them with G-Sauce.

The action was on from then on till we left.....probably 40 -50 with only a couple being under 10 inchs most were 12-13 with 5 or 6 pushing 14.

1/2 were white crappie and 1/2 were blck crappie. I even had a heron grab one of my fish reeling it in.

What a fun day. Video out in 3-4 weeks as I am waaaay behind on them.G sauce macks river fishing north carolina.JPG7 13.5 inch white crappie north carolina.jpg13.25 inch black crappie.jpg14 13.25 inch white crappie north carolina.jpg
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sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
Sounds like a good day. We caught a mess of them yesterday trolling too. There's always a couple in the mix with bird wounds these days.