Western NC hunters, got a question?


Four Pointer
Im an active duty service member. I've hunted nc for quite a few years with a reasonable amount of success in sandhills stand hunting. I hunt ft. Bragg a good bit and some private property in Moore County. I grew up in western PA and hun there periodically still. I was thinking of hiking in and still hunting from ground with a bow. I was thinking of hunting pisgah national forest in mountains or Uwharrie archery areas. I understand Uwharrie archery areas are smaller and should probably stand hunt those. Looking for an adventure and chance to harvest. I'm cool with just going for meat, but don't mind hunting some horns too. My question is...given a weekend what national forest area should I aim for and more specific location if you got suggestions?


Eight Pointer
The deer in the mountains are VERY far and few between.
Uwharrie is going to have better odds. There are other gamelands and areas that are archery only also across the state.


Six Pointer
The Uwharrie's are in located more in the central part of the state. So, the Uwharrie's would be closer to you.


Eight Pointer
Sooo many places on Pisgah that it would be hard to name them all. Looking at over half a million acres. Most all the areas have deer. Some more than others but a walk in camping trip with success is doable. I would look into the area below Grandfather Mountain near where the public land challenge for black powered just occurred. Or any of the areas from Madison to Avery counties along the state line. Wish I could be more specific but there are just a whole lot of good areas where an individual can get a few to several miles back.


Four Pointer
Pisgah is huge, rough country in some places, heavy pressure in some, not so much in others. Seems like the rut on this end usually starts to peak thanksgiving week, unfortunately that’s the start of rifle season and the woods are at their busiest with other hunters, but the week before and the week after I’ve seen guys have a lot of success as well. Just have to find the places that haven’t been pressured too much. The rougher terrain the better to do that.