West Virginia bill would lower buck limit


Old Mossy Horns
I know some folks on here hunt WV

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Legislation introduced this week at the State Capitol would radically change the rules for deer hunting in West Virginia. It would also dramatically increase the cost of deer hunting in the Mountain State.


Eight Pointer
Yep I saw that from the WV Bowhunters Association the other day. From what I’ve read, this sounds like a bill that the politicians are fond of, not necessarily biologists or the DNR. I understand wanting to listen to constituents, but the people who study these populations definitely know how to manage them better than the average hunter.

Along with that, that’s a crazy price increase. This coming season I will still be Active Duty and don’t have to buy a license in WV, but after that it sounds like my pockets may be hurting. For me to get a Class X license (hunting, fishing and trapping) plus the extra buck tag I’d be paying over $100. That’s more than what I pay here for a Unified Sportsman + bear stamp + Federal Duck Stamp.
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Six Pointer
Yeah, and they also said we would never go to a two buck limit in eastern NC either and look how that turned out.......


Six Pointer
The two buck limit might pass which don’t bother me , that big hike in the license cost won’t happen , they would lose to much money in the long run , and we don’t have nothing here worth paying that much