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We are going to start over with this forum. Since far too many people have demonstrated that they do not know how to behave as adults, we will implement this forum the way we should have implemented it to begin with.

This forum will be for adult discussion of sports. There will be none of the following:

No smack talk
No 'calling out' of other users
No trolling
No baiting
No whining
No bitching
No 'scandal' threads.

If you do not have access to post here, DO NOT ASK FOR IT. You have been specifically excluded from this area of the site because you have demonstrated an inability to comply with the above rules.

If you have a problem with this policy DO NOT CONTACT AN ADMIN. We have tried every way except this to reign in this forum without deleting it. You created this animal. We are euthanizing it.

Lastly, do not bitch about this policy on other threads on other forums.
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Not open for further replies.